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"We are a 'green' company and whenever possible we recommend coatings that will be kinder to you in application, and more friendly towards the environment."

Michael Benton, Technical Director

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Whenever you think about paint - think about IPCS: we are at your service

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Whenever you think about paint, think about Independent Protective Coatings Services (IPCS) Ltd – delivering high-tech solutions to all your paint and specialist coating requirements. From anti-graffiti to fire resistant paint, we have the experience and knowledge to source the most appropriate

protective coatings

 for you.

At IPCS Ltd we’re not limited to one manufacturer, we cherry-pick the best protective coatings from suppliers across the world so we can offer you high-quality protective coatings at cost-effective prices.

As members of the Institute of Corrosion we have a team of highly trained technical specialists who understand protective coatings inside and out – and we’re happy to consult with you to solve the challenges being presented.

Our paint inspection teams are ready to offer help and advice, and we can perform site visits to determine the most suitable protective coatings, and develop written specifications for projects throughout the UK and off-shore. From domestic applications to oil platforms, our paint inspectors give a fast, clear report from which we can deduce the most suitable paint solution.

Protective coatings are evolving at great speed and we can successfully match the latest products with your paint requirements. With a wide range of coatings we can deliver anything from anti-slip or anti-graffiti paint, to water immersion for tidal applications, road markings, chemical and acid resistant and fire resistant paint too. Browse our site for a list of protective coatings and some typical applications, but don’t worry if you don’t see your exact need listed, our paint inspection team will be happy to discuss a solution for your paint requirements.

Basically – as long as you know what you need to paint, we can supply you with the anti-corrosive and protective coatings or cladding you need to defend it from the weather, chemical attack, heat, oxidation and rust, even human intervention.

Talk to IPCS Ltd today about your need for protective coatings, you can request a paint inspection or simply talk to one of our team for expert advice on any of our products.

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